Hogwarts Legacy: Every Item You Can Buy & All Shop… | EarlyGame

In Hogwarts Legacy, tons of shops and purchasable items await you. What is available in-game though? We will show you everything you can buy and where to find the necessary shops.

Hogwarts Legacy is a big RPG full of different spells, potions, plants, different locations and so much more. You will need a lot of stuff to make the most of your time at the Wizarding school, and you are able to buy a lot of the items you need in-game. Electric Hair Clippers

Hogwarts Legacy: Every Item You Can Buy & All Shop… | EarlyGame

We will show you all items you can buy and the locations of all shops in the game.

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Every Harry Potter fan will know, that there's only one place you need to go if you need anything: Hogsmeade. That's also true in Hogwarts Legacy.

While you have rogue traders outside of Hogsmeade, who sell miscellaneous items, the largest bulk of your shopping will be done in the lovely village, which features a number of different shops.

Here are all shops in Hogsmeade, numbered according to our map below:

This shop will become very important once you unlock the Room of Requirement. Here's you'll find stations for your home base, as well as other items that are important for the room.

While there is no Quidditch in the game, we can still fly around on a broom and we're loving it. At this shop, you get new brooms to fly around on.

You can buy many different types of gear at Gladrags, with more gear being unlocked the higher your level becomes.

Here, you can change your appearance for 20 gold a pop. Here's everything you can change about your look:

At Brood and Peck, you can get everything concerning the various beasts in Hogwarts Legacy. To unlock it, you must complete the main quest “The Elf, the Nab-sack, and the Loom”.

As the name suggests, this is your go-to place for all things concerning potions.

This shop is all about plants. Here you can find seeds, as well as other items that help you grow some greens.

What a cool name for a store, and the catalog is pretty neat as well. Again, you can get some seeds and items for growing plants here. But as the name might suggest, it's stuff of the less usual kind.

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Hogwarts Legacy: Every Item You Can Buy & All Shop… | EarlyGame

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